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A view of n archipelago


Our Beginnings

As far back as we can remember, we have enjoyed games.  Whether it was Bard’s Tale, Risk, or any number of Role Playing Games, we have taken up the call for adventure.  Over the years our tastes have changed — EVE Online, Star Wars Armada, Kids on Bikes — but our love for games has just grown.


We have noticed a need: a single place that someone can go to get their own miniatures, terrain, maps, and props.  We are here to fill that need.  With 3d Printing and a group of amazing designers, we are confident that you will find something you will love…and in the off chance that you don’t see something, you can contact us and we will work with you to get just what you want.


Here at Archipelago Games we believe no one should be an island.

Our Partner Designers

Here are our partner designers.  The excellent designers of the Miniatures, Terrain Models, and Props that we sell.  

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