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Under Darkness

Under Darkness

SKU: DM202402

Beneath the swamps of Lo Fuin, the Drow have dwelt in isolation for thousands of years. In their minds, the surface was a place encroached in evil, and Tharador’s war against the dark forces of Mindoriel was lost. Through dozens of generations these tales have grown more macabre, and twisted stories have led the Drow to take on their own monstrous practices in a bid to survive the dangers of Tharador’s Underground. Yet there are some among them who dissent, wishing for their people to return to the surface, and join the world above.


Included in this pack is

  • 16x total high-quality miniatures of Drow and Underdark with both Heroes and Villians
  • 1x detailed Spider Cave terrain set featuring 2 wall variants and 2 column variants
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